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Discover how to last longer in bed by James Robinson

Does Distracting Yourself During Sex Help You Last Longer In Bed?

This would have to be one of the most common myths out there. Just think about baseball they say. And on the surface it seems like a pretty logical idea. Why wouldn’t it work? Your partner is turning you on too much so just forget about what she is doing and think about something else.

Well if you have tried this before, you will no doubt realize that it doesn’t work, and if you do manage to distract yourself enough, your partner will surely notice and will no doubt be unimpressed. It’s also not much fun for you. Do you want to be thinking about the beautiful woman you are with or some sweaty baseball player? I know which I’d prefer.

But the real problem with this myth, is that the truth is, that you should be doing the exact opposite. Yes that’s right. You need to tune in – not out. Now you may have heard people tell you this but the true reason why it works is very really explained or understood.

When they think of tuning in, most men think they need to tune in to the feeling of intercourse. But here’s the key. You need to tune into everything, not just the feeling of your penis entering her. Tune into the touch of her body, tune into the way she is touching you, even tune into the sounds she is making. By doing this you will actually prevent yourself from focusing solely on the sensation of you penis.

Now it may take a little practice to master the art of tuning in, but with a little practice it can make a significant improvement to not only your lasting time, but also to both you and your partner’s enjoyment of sex. This guide to lasting longer in bed, devotes a whole chapter showing methods and techniques to get you fully tuned in, as well as an enormous amount of other methods techniques and training exercises to help men last longer in bed.

And now let’s look at myth number 2…. "Learning the stop and start technique is a good way to last longer in bed"