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Discover how to last longer in bed by James Robinson

JamesIs Premature Ejaculation Is Just A Mental Problem?

The perception that an inability to last in bed is a purely mental problem is quite wide spread. Up until only recently even many so called experts perpetrated this myth. This theory became popular in the 60’s and 70’s when psychologists attempted to ascribe a whole range of conditions to mental factors. In fact even asthma was once thought to be a purely psychological condition.

It is now understood that for men wanting to last longer in bed, they have to tackle the problem be addressing both the mental and physical issues, and in fact for many men, once they have worked on some of their physical control and responses, mental issues that may be effecting control will often subtract on their own.

All to often when something is not understood the easiest thing to do is to call it a mental problem, yet as we now understand more about the male sexual response and the physical workings of the ejaculatory it becomes clear, that men who are unable to last in bed have trouble controlling their ejaculatory and pelvic muscles. This is a physical process and you can complete specific training exercises to increase your physical control.

While it is important to improve your mental control and get your thoughts in order, equally important is to work on increasing your physical control of your ejaculatory response.

Myth 5 - "Kegels exercises can help you prevent premature ejaculation?"