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Discover how to last longer in bed by James Robinson

JamesPremature Ejaculation Myth 2:
'The Stop and Start Technique Is The Best Way To Last Longer In Bed'

The stop and start technique was developed by Master’s and Johnston in the 70s as a way to help men last longer in bed. Even to this day, it is often touted as the best way to last longer in bed, and just about all guides that you will find online claiming to help men last longer in bed rehash this method.

The method involves learning to understand when you are approaching orgasm, and to stop, wait a bit and then start again. There is also the squeeze technique where you remove your penis and squeeze the head when you feel ejaculation is approaching.

So what’s the problem with this technique? Well, primarily… it is purely focused on the male. Although by stopping every minute or so, it will of course be longer before ejaculation occurs, yet it is extremely frustrating for the female partner. By stopping and starting all the time it will be virtually impossible for your partner to reach orgasm. The trigger for the female orgasm is similar to that of the male. There needs to be a constant build up. By stopping, your partner’s sexual excitement will also drop down each time. Just ask any female who has had to endure this method and she will know exactly what I mean.

Another major problem with the stop and start method is that the male is constantly thinking about his ejaculation. As any psychologist will tell you that the best way to make something you are trying to avoid happen is to think about it. If you have had trouble lasting in bed I’m sure you have experienced this. As soon as you start thinking about finishing, even if you are thinking about trying not to finish, it won’t be long before this occurs.

“So If I can’t use the stop and start technique, what can I use?” You may ask... Well a better approach is to use a variety of methods that focus on keeping your ejaculatory muscles in a relaxed and controlled state. It is the tensing and contractions of these muscles that is the physical trigger of ejaculation. The fact is that if these muscles are relaxed it is physically impossible to ejaculate.

Now it’s easier said than done to achieve this skill, but practically all men, no matter how bad their problem is, can do it with a little practice and training. The key is, to use an overall technique, focusing on your whole body. Learn the correct breathing techniques, discover meditational and relaxation methods to implement both before and during sex, do some training exercises to increase the control you have over your ejaculatory muscles, understand and improve your bodies ejaculatory reflex responses and learn ways to improve your mental control and conditioning. These methods and many more are covered in detail in this complete guide on how to last longer in bed for men. It is by far the most complete and comprehensive guide available to help men last longer in bed naturally without pills or medication.

As can see, the stop and start method is really not helpful for men wanting to last longer in bed. It may have been there best there was in the 70s but a modern approach needs to look at the whole body, not just the genitals, and it needs to show men how to last longer in bed while still being able to satisfy their partner’s needs.

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